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Insuring Your Travel Trailer

Are You Fully Insured?

Even though it might not be as obvious, travel trailer insurance is just as important as auto insurance. When you’re on a trip, you will most likely be storing most of your valuable possessions in the trailer. When you examine the roadside environments your trailer will conquer and the risk of theft or collision damage, it soon becomes obvious that travel trailer insurance is needed.

Just as there are many different types of travel trailers, RV America Insurance has many different types of trailer insurance. By specializing insurance options to your unique trailer, we can keep your quote low. We have made it a practice to fully insure RVs and travel trailers, not over-insure them.

We Do the Legwork and You Enjoy Your Trip

By giving us a call or filling out an online form, we can quickly service your inquiry. We send your information to six leading RV insurers, who all specialize in recreational vehicle and travel trailer needs. Because we involve such a large sampling, we can extend a better range of options to our clients. Our affiliates are rated A, Excellent, or higher.

Make sure you leave nothing to chance. Vacations and country travel are already unpredictable; you shouldn’t have to add to your stress level worrying about the integrity of your travel trailer. Call for your quotation today at (800) 400-0186. We’re available Monday through Saturday from 8 – 6, Pacific Time. Or, you can fill out our online form and we’ll email you a quotation within 24 hours.