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Utility ATV Insurance

Your Off-Road Activities with Our Utility ATV Insurance

The first three-wheeled utility all-terrain vehicle was unveiled in the early 1980s.They immediately became very popular, however, later were determined too dangerous and outlawed. In the mid-1980s, a four-wheel-drive utility ATV was released by Honda which became an integral form of transportation in the construction, farming, ranching and hunting arenas. Other manufacturers followed suit, selling ATVs that have lower maximum speeds, but can haul loads — and even trailers — via racks and dump beds. In addition, the heavier weight associated with utility ATVs gave them an advantage over other ATV versions on certain types of terrain.

If you’ve joined this growing trend, you’ll want to complement your ATV with the right utility ATV insurance from RV America. A cheap motorcycle insurance quote is available for free right on our Web site, so you can see for yourself how affordable our utility ATV insurance can be.

Our utility ATV insurance coverage includes:

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