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RV Dealer Locator

Here’s a nationwide list of many dealers who sell both new and used motorhomes. In the list that follows, you might also find your selection of a travel trailer dealer. You can locate a motorhome dealer who sells all types of RVs, and some even sell boats and motorcycles.

Like the RVs they sell, new or used RV dealers can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are researching RV dealers in Texas or anywhere else in the nation, your search for the right new or used motorhome will give you the choice of dealing with a large national chain or a local mom and pop. Taking the extra time to travel to a larger dealership might pay off in a lower price, but there is a dark side. If, for example, you purchase from a large travel trailer dealer that’s 100 miles away, you’re going to be reluctant to bring it in for repairs. It’s a long drive, and you’ll probably have to leave it with the dealership for a few days. You could end up driving 400 miles for a simple repair with RV dealers in Texas or elsewhere.

Now, let’s suppose you buy from a local motorhome dealer. If the shop is just around the corner you’ll save time, fuel, and aggravation. You’ll be really happy you shopped locally if you bought a used motorhome and it’s giving you some early troubles. (Be sure to buy a warranty.)
Many of the dealers listed here are already referring their customers to RV America Insurance for their customers’ RV insurance needs. You can use our site to request an RV insurance quote online. Or, you may call us directly. 800-400-0186 (Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm PST and Sat 8am-5pm)


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