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Fire, Flood and Theft


Every RV trip is a fun adventure. Everywhere your travels take you is like a new journey. But in the rare instance a fire interrupts your vacation, it’s good to know that your motor home fire damage is covered by your motorhome fire insurance policy. Your motorhome fire insurance policy covers your RV and contents that are damaged or destroyed by smoke or fire.


Your fun vacation in your motorhome may be interrupted by rain, hurricane and flood waters. In that unfortunate event, you can rest assured that your motorhome flood coverage will help you get through this rough time. RV flood insurance covers your RV and its contents from damage caused by high water.


There may be an unfortunate occasion when you find that your RV or travel trailer is stolen. That’s why a motor home replacement policy is highly important. If this ever happens to you, the saving grace is that you have RV or travel trailer theft replacement coverage.

Your RV or travel trailer theft replacement coverage covers theft of your RV or travel trailer.


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