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Runabout Boat Insurance

Avoid the Runaround When You Need Runabout Boat Insurance

Whether you use your runabout for fishing or water skiing, RV America can help you develop a policy that matches what you need, at the price you want. These boats can be powered by inboards, outboards, jet drives or inboard-outboard motors. While they customarily hold between four and eight people, they are well-suited for maneuvering about the water for a variety of purposes. It doesn’t matter if you have a bow rider, walkaround or other style of runabout; we’ll find the right runabout insurance coverage for you.

Increased liability limits, uninsured watercraft, accessory coverage and towing assistance are just a few of the many policy options that we offer. Our free, online boat insurance quote will assist you in learning how to get started with RV America.

Our runabout boat insurance coverage includes:

Click here for your free insurance quote. For more information on our runabout boat insurance you can email us at [email protected] or call us toll-free at (800) 400-0186.