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Ocean Boats

Don’t rock the boat when it comes to safety – get RV America’s Ocean Boat Insurance!

True or False?

You should use the same insurance company for your home, your car and your boat?


A common misperception many people have is that it’s best to insure your house, your automobile and your boat through the same insurance company. This is just plain wrong. Your boat is a special vehicle and as such, requires specialized insurance. Not only do you have to insure the watercraft itself, but you also must insure yourself, your passengers, additional equipment – and have emergency assistance.

At RV America, our ocean boat insurance covers:

Performance boats – Secure a high quality ocean boat insurance that your high performing boat deserves.

Pleasure boats – Have more fun with your runabout, ski boat, cabin cruiser, sailboat, jet boat, party boat or houseboat when you know that you have a reliable ocean boat insurance you can count on.

Fishing boats – If you’re hooked on fishing, you can’t afford to cloud your head with worry. Maximize your relaxation by getting your fishing boat dependable ocean boat insurance.

Mega yachts – Also known as super yachts, boats measuring 150 feet or more with professional crews aboard qualify. These boats are expensive and if you own one, it is best to protect this type of investment with high quality ocean boat insurance.

With insurance from RV America, all the boats mentioned above are protected with:

  • Liability coverage
  • Medical payments
  • On-water & roadside towing
  • Personal effects / fishing equipment
  • Total loss replacement
  • Uninsured boater insurance

Whatever the size or purpose of your boat, RV America offers an ocean boat insurance package that will suit your needs – and your budget. Find out for yourself how you can benefit from our comprehensive and affordable ocean boat insurance packages by clicking here. To learn more about how you can provide you with the best protection at sea, email us at info@rvainsurance.com or call us toll-free at 1-888-803-5999.

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