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Marine Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

What types of boats do you insure? Personal Watercraft, Runabouts, Ski Boats, Pontoon Boats, Jet Boats, Fishing Boats, Sailboats, Party Boats, Cabin Cruisers, Bass Boats, House Boats, Yachts, and Catamarans.

Which insurance companies do you represent? Progressive, Zurich, American Modern, National Interstate, Nationwide, and Foremost Insurance.

Do you provide towing coverage? Yes, we provide on water coverage and roadside assistance for the towing vehicle.

Can I reduce my premium if I store my Watercraft for the winter months? Yes, some of our companies allow a lay-up period. Ask your agent for details.
Can I loan my Watercraft to friends and neighbors? Yes. However, if they will be using it on a regular basis, or the
watercraft will be co-owned, you’ll need to provide information on all regular operators.

How does your Towing and Roadside Assistance work? You make one call and a service provider will be dispatched immediately. Services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Your roadside assistance coverage pays unlimited expenses to get your watercraft and towing vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility. The towing vehicle is covered as well if it’s pulling the insured watercraft.

Do you quote six month or annual policies? All of our policies are annual.

Will my Watercraft be covered if it’s in storage? Yes.
Do you cover my Watercraft if it’s in Mexico? No. However, your watercraft is covered on all inland lakes, rivers, and 50 miles from the coast of U.S. and Canada.
Are my personal belongings covered? Yes, our policies begin with $1,000 of replacement coverage for the items you bring into the Watercraft. This coverage does not include portable boating equipment such as anchors, fuel tanks, oars, tarps, water-skis, wakeboards, etc.

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